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The Royal Wedding is just days away and everywhere you look there is news coverage about every tiny detail! It is anticipated to be one of the most publicized and watched events ever and Chinese culture is going to be part of the big day! Zhu Xiaoju, a Chinese woman who studied in the UK, offered to create a custom tea set to be used at the wedding and the royal family accepted. After 10 days of design meetings, Zhu picked a hexagonal design teapot in a blue and white rice pattern porcelain. The names William and Kate are etched on the design that is decorated with plum blossoms, orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo.

Royal Wedding Chinese Tea Set

Royal Wedding Chinese Tea Set

The set was produced in Jingdezhen, China’s capital of porcelain. Zhu says she wishes William and Kate to be attached to each other and live a happy life. She also says “”With this tea set, I want to congratulate the royal couple and also hope it can be the medium for a cultural exchange between the West and East.”

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