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It’s summer taxi season. Kids are out of school, and they need you to take them to their events. You gladly chauffeur your children to and fro so they can enjoy this carefree time in their lives. The only drawback is that you still have to work.  Taking your kids to and from practice and music lessons can be a bit draining. What happens when mom or dad gets really tired and worn out? Who will pick up the slack?

The trick for this summer is to learn balance. We’re going to make sure the kiddos have fun this summer, that’s for sure.  But you don’t have to wear yourself out in the process. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to enjoy a few quiet moments this summer.

Chinese Teapots | AJ Panda

Tea. It may be hot outside, but inside it’s nice and cool. The benefits of drinking a cup of tea in the evening are convincing.  Tea is not only relaxing, but it is calorie free. Tea can prevent heart attacks and strokes. It has lots of antioxidants. To fully enjoy tea, we recommend shopping for Chinese teapots. Authentic and beautiful, making tea out of a Chinese teapot enhances the experience and allows you to fully savor the moment of peace and quiet. We recommend drinking tea while the kids are at baseball practice or at work in the afternoon.

Mani and Pedi. This isn’t so much for dads, but moms for sure. All you need is a half hour or so to get pampered. Schedule a “me date” and let someone else take care of you for once, making your hands and feet feel pretty. The massage you get helps too.

Chocolate. You probably heard the rumor that chocolate is good for you. Well, it is. Dark chocolate has many health benefits. It makes you smarter, helps reduce strokes, increases blood flow, and so much more. So even if you’re driving the kids around, at a ball game, or at work, enjoy a piece of dark chocolate.

These are just a few small ways to relax this summer and take some much needed me time. So go on—browse AJ Panda’s Chinese teapots, schedule a mani and pedi, and grab some dark chocolate.


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