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Chopsticks on Sale

Boy Chopstick Kids are on sale now! These fun chopsticks are perfect for beginners to teach them how to eat with the tricky utensils. (They’re also good for parents who are having a little trouble!) Each pair comes with the silicone Kid that acts as a hinge to hold the chopsticks together and a pair of plastic chopsticks. The Kid also fits any other pair of chopsticks and is dishwasher safe. Get yours now for only $3.99 per pair while they last!

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Here at AJ Panda, we’re always on the lookout for the new products to help you incorporate Chinese culture into your life. These new Good Fortune Chopsticks from Fred just came in and we wanted to share them with you right away! The fortune cookie at the top holding the sticks together makes eating with chopsticks easy for anyone! They’re perfect to start little kids with chopsticks or adults who just need a little more practice. Get yours today and make meal time a little more fun!

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