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Chinese Chopsticks

Chopstick sets have evolved from the twigs they once were.  They originated in China over 5,000 years ago. Chopsticks were part of survival. Early Chinese people would use twigs to retrieve food from fire pits. Eventually, these twigs made their way to the table.

Chinese scholar, Confucius helped make Chinese chopsticks more prevalent. As a vegetarian, he disapproved of having knives at the table. He said that it was cruel and reminded people of slaughter houses. His disdain for knives made eating with wood more popular.  The love and respect the Chinese people had for Confucius helped spread the use of chopstick sets.

By 500 A.D., chopsticks spread through the rest of Asia. The shape and materials were adopted to fit the needs of each culture. Chinese chopsticks are 9 to 10 inches long with blunt ends, usually made of wood. Japanese chopsticks have narrow tips and are made of bamboo and are a bit shorter (7-8 inches).

Now, chopsticks have gained popularity all over the world. They are used to help people control the amount of food eaten since chopsticks pick up smaller bits of food. It also helps people slow down during meals.  Chopsticks are also no longer just made of wood. AJ Panda has an inventory of plastic, metal, and wooden chopsticks. They are ornate and beautiful and available in a variety of colors and styles to match a home’s décor.

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