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So many couples struggle with having children. You can read books, go to doctors, and do everything right. But sometimes all you need is just a dose of good ol’ fashioned good luck. Family and friends can help by giving symbols of good luck and fertility…like Chinese chopsticks, jade jewelry, and dragon inspired gifts.

Chopstick Gift Sets
Language is always interesting. What something means in one language, can mean something completely different in another. For instance, the word chopsticks in Chinese is actually translated into “many sons.” For this reason, chopsticks are very lucky, especially for a young Chinese couple. With the Chinese New Year fast approaching and family and friends are shopping for just the perfect gift for a young couple, you may want to consider chopstick sets. Something as simple and ordinary (in the Chinese culture that is) as Zhu (chopsticks in Chinese) can be a lucky fertility symbol.  When given chopstick sets, a young couple takes that as good luck that they’ll have a boy.

Jade is more than just a beautiful natural stone. When jade is given as a gift to a young woman, it can be a symbol of good luck and fertility. Earrings, pendants, bracelets and even rings help give that special young lady an extra dose of luck in hopes of carrying a healthy baby. AJ Panda has a simple and beautiful Chinese jade necklace that would be the perfect gift for a woman hoping to get pregnant. JaChinese New Year Diaper Bagde and pearl earrings are also an option if she likes to dress up.

The dragon is another symbol of luck and fertility. And with 2012 being the year of the water dragon, you can find all sorts of beautiful gifts depicting the dragon. Give a Chinese dragon while the young lady you know is trying to get pregnant for extra good luck. A popular option is the Chinese Zodiac Dragon Pendant.  She can wear it all day to bring her fertility.  For the lucky lady already pregnant and giving birth in 2012, the dragon diaper bag is a great gift idea for either Chinese New Year or a baby shower.

If you do know a young lady needing a little love and luck to help her start a family, give a little extra luck. It may seem a little unconventional, but Chinese chopstick sets may just be the extra luck needed. Whether you get chopsticks, jade, or something to commemorate the dragon as a Chinese New Year gift, it will be very much appreciated.

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The Chinese New Year will be here soon. Many people are already starting to buy Chinese jewelry for gifts

Chinese New Year Necklace

Dragon Chinese New Year Pendant

and red envelopes. But have you ever stopped to really consider what it all means?  The Chinese zodiac is more than just pretty pictures of animals you see at your local Chinese restaurant. There is a long history and tradition that is very important to Chinese culture.

Legend has it that the Jade King was bored and wanted to see a sampling of the animals on earth. So he invited the twelve signs to a party. So the Chinese zodiac was born. Each sign rotates every year. Chinese zodiac also includes 5 elements: wood, fire, Earth, metal, and water. They correspond to the planets Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. Each animal is assigned an element. So instead 12 cycles (for each animal), there are actually 60 for every combination. The Chinese Zodiac repeats every 60 years.

Water Dragon
2012 is the year of the Water Dragon.  It is said to be a year of rapid change and good fortune. Some say that it will be a fun and unpredictable year.  For the lucky individuals born between January 23, 2012 and February 9, 2013, they will blessed with ultimate good luck and prosperity. They are brave, pioneering in spirit and generous. Dragons are probably the most revered animal in the Chinese zodiac. Their good luck and strength make them quite popular.

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon
Chinese New Year is a time of giving gifts and celebrating life. Families thoroughly clean their homes before the Chinese New Year’s Eve, sweeping away all the bad luck. This tradition proceeds celebrations of Chinese New Year’s Eve and day with feats, games, and fun.  Families also celebrate by participating in dragon parades, gift giving days and more.

Chinese New Year Gifts
The most common gift is a Red Chinese envelope. Red envelopes have been part of Chinese culture for centuries. Filled with lucky money, they are given to friends and family to bring good luck in the upcoming year. Here are some other great gift ideas.

For Her
Chinese jewelry featuring beautiful and inspirational Chinese pendant symbols are always great options. For mom, wife, and especially your daughter, AJ Panda has a selection of Chinese pendants specifically for the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese Zodiac Dragon pendant is a great option, especially if she is a dragon herself (born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012).

For a Child
Have fun at your Chinese New Year party with Chinese New Year toys and noisemakers. Embellished with a red dragon, they’re hand crafted to provide fun and amusement. Chinese YoYos are another fun gift idea or perhaps a dragon kite for a fun day outdoors.

Chinese New Year Crafts
You could buy Chinese New Year gifts for the entire family. Chinese New Year arts and crafts  are a fun option to bring you and your kids together.  Choose from necklace and bracelet kits, cards, dragon wands, and more.

Do you have plans for celebrating the year of the Water Dragon? Share with us what’s you’ll be doing!


The Chinese Dragon

Chinese New Year

Chinese Superstitions

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Dream Chinese Character Necklace
Dream Chinese Character Necklace

Chinese jewelry is very popular and frequently searched for online. And while a lot of those searching do have ties to China – be it heritage, adoptive children, or just an interest in the culture – many just like the look of Chinese characters. I have to admit, they are pretty cool. I guess that’s why so many people opt to get Chinese character tatoos. As the buyer for AJ Panda, I’ve searched high and low looking for pieces I think our customers will like. Most of our Chinese character jewelry is sourced from an American designer, Zia Jewelry, but I have found some interesting jade pieces from wholesalers in China, as well. The good thing about Chinese jewelry is that it can be a fashionable accessory while projecting a positive message like “love”, “hope”, “dream”, or “friend.” These positive messages are what makes them such great gifts. Not to mention the characters that say things like “mom”, “dad”, “jie jie big sister“, or “mei mei little sister.” So the next time  you’re looking for a unique gift, think of Chinese character jewelry. I’m sure the recipient will be grateful.

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