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How do you steep tea? Silly question, right? You boil water and pour it over a bag and let it steep for a few Chinese Tea Setsminutes, right? Not so fast. It depends on the type of tea you’re brewing.  It also depends if you’re using a pot from a Chinese tea set or a cup.  Sure, you can heat up water in a cup in microwave and let a tea bag steep.  That works if you’re at work.  But if you’re at home and you’re entertaining, maybe you should try a new approach to making tea.  There are two ways to make tea: GongFu and conventional method. But first, make sure you have a Chinese tea set so you can make tea to begin with.

This method is used when you’re making tea for one or a few people, not a large crowd. You’ll need tall aroma cups and tasting cups. Start by rinsing out the teapot with warm water by rocking the water back and forth and discarding the water.  Measure your tea and add to the strainer inside the teapot followed by hot water.  Cover and steep.

Traditionally, you pour the tea in tall aroma cups. Using your ring finger and thumb on the aroma cup and your index and middle finger, lift up the inverted tasting cups down on the table. Then pull the inverted aroma cup upwards. This releases air pressure allowing the tea to flow in the tasting cup. It sounds a little complicated, but it’s oh so good!

Conventional Method
The conventional method is by far easier. You still rinse the pot with warm water. You add the right amount of tea leaves, pour hot water over them, and let steep. That’s it. You are free to enjoy your tea.

The gongfu method is more aromatic. You use this method when you really want to enjoy a cup of tea.

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