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Winter Clearance Sale

It’s been a busy few months between Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chinese New Year. Schedules are finally starting to calm down from all the festivities but don’t let the post-holiday blues bring you down with them! Nothing cheers me up like saving money and that’s why AJ Panda’s Winter Clearance Sale is going on now! You can save up to 50% off ChineselanternsjewelryChinese New Year cards and crafts, and much more. Or spruce up your home decor with new Chinese cushion covers or brocade picture frames. Happy shopping!


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5 Questions: Adoption of twins leads to new online business

STLtoday.com interviewed our owner, Christopher Deck, on his  experience with Chinese adoption and how it lead to the creation and launch of AJPanda.com. Chris speaks about how he and his wife got involved in international adoption, how they celebrate their twin daughters’ Chinese heritage, and the AJ Panda website. Read it here.

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Chinese Tea SetWe’ve been busy trying to improve your shopping experience with AJ Panda. In addition to adding more products and additional product information, we have also taken big steps forward in improving our product images. (At least we think so.)

So far we’ve updated the products in our Chinese Teapots section and our Chinese Dolls. We think the new images are great and would love to hear your feedback!

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Calin YangSo you may be wondering how AJ Panda and Chinese Culture have anything to do with Easter. Well, if your kids are anything like my kids they are getting an Easter basket. And what could be more fun than adding a few Chinese themed goodies from the Easter Bunny?

We’ve created an Easter Gift Guide loaded with items that will add the perfect Chinese theme to your Easter morning.  My personal favorites are the Calin Yang Asian doll and the Les Trendies Dolly Licorice.  We also feature a variety of Red Thread Bracelets, Chinese Hand Puppets, and more.

We’d love to hear how you included Chinese Culture in your Easter Experience!

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Chinese LanternDid you know that the Chinese Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations? This year, the Chinese Lantern Festival falls on February 28.

The festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, which happens to be the first full moon of the new lunar year. In addition to performances, lion dances, and fireworks, lanterns of all shapes, sizes, and colors are used to line the streets and light up the night. It’s a truly joyous celebration. To learn more about the festival origins and additional ways to celebrate, visit the AJ Panda article on Chinese Lantern Festival.

And, of course, what good Chinese culture site wouldn’t help you celebrate the holiday? Visit the assortment of Chinese Lanterns on AJ Panda. They are selling fast and to ensure your lanterns arrive on time, be sure to place your order today.

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Year of the Tiger

So we’re one month away from the start of Chinese New Year (February 14-28) and we’ve been working hard to get our site ready to inform and inspire you to celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

In terms of informing, we have our full article on Chinese New Year, which provides details, history, and links relating to this special holiday (the biggest holiday of the year in China!). Also, we just released our new Chinese New Year Essentials page, which provides a quick overview and smartly organizes the products to help you prepare.

And what about the products? We’re proud of our wide variety of fun and festive products. No New Year celebration would be complete without Red Evenelopes, of course! Check out our selection of decorations, including Chinese Lanterns, Knots, and Papercuts. Have fun with our Chinese New Year themed toys, as well as our apparel.  And don’t forget our selection of Tiger items to bring in the Year of the Tiger.

If there is anything more you would like to see, please let us know. We truly value any and all feedback.

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Christmas Ornaments

Panda Ornement at AJPanda.comToday I wanted to highlight a great category that is very seasonal… Christmas Ornaments. We have a really fantastic selection this year, and we are very excited about the quality of these items. These are not the thin, run-of-the-mill globes you find at your local department store; they are a hearty thick glass and the designs and colors are brilliant and beautiful. Plus they all come in a nice gift box, which is also perfect for safe storage when the season is over.

In fact, if anyone is debating on whether to purchase one of our ornaments, I will personally guarantee your satisfaction or we will gladly provide a refund. (And if you are on the fence, we’d love to know what is holding you back!)

On a personal note, we have several of these ornaments on the tree at our house. In fact, I let each of my daughters pick their favorite. (AnMei picked the Dragon Dance Ornament and JiaLi picked the Panda Glass Ornament.) They were very excited to hang their ornaments on the tree and, as 3-year olds are prone to do, they were also eager to re-arrange them every few hours.

We hadn’t gone a full day and I heard the ill-fated sound of a breaking ornament. When I went in to check poor JiaLi was heart-broken as she looked at the shattered Panda ornament between her feet. I scooped her up and told her that we can replace it and everything would be OK.

When I brought the new ornament home the next night the girls were quick to point out that we should probably put the “special” AJ Panda ornaments higher up the tree so they wouldn’t be so tempted to re-arrange them all time. Smart little girls!

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AJ Panda Goes Live

The dream of AJ Panda has been realized. The dream was born 3 years ago when my family experienced the blessing and honor of adopting beautiful twin daughters from China. It was during my trip to China to complete the adoption process that I was inspired by my daughters’ birth country and became determined to learn and celebrate the culture of their heritage. Since that time in 2006 steady progress has been made to create a website that helps families learn about and celebrate Chinese culture.

Today is the official go-live date for AJPanda.com. While we have great expectations for the long-term success that awaits us, we humbly realize that today is a small step and that much more work and effort will be needed as we strive to realize our vision. As Confucius notes:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So as we take this first yet significant step, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who has helped thus far, especially Marjie, Andrew, and Ryan. I would like to express my appreciation to my loving wife who provides the strength and support to sustain our family. And lastly, I’d like to recognize the inspiration of this website, my daughters AnMei and JiaLi. You have enriched our family beyond words, and I am excited to develop this business to honor you and your birth country.

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