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Break out the Chinese games for a family game night. That’s right, Chinese games. Families with adoptive Chinese children can play Chinese games instead traditional American board games. You can break out the Scrabble or Monopoly, but compared to Mahjong, it might be a bit dull. There are all sorts of Chinese toys and games you can incorporate in your family game night.Chinese games

  • Mahjong is one of them. Normally played with four people, this game is best suited for older children and adults. It’s similar to Rummy.  This Chinese game involves drawing and discarding tile and pairing groups of tile. The person with the most points wins.  This game is based on luck, strategy, and skill.
  • Chinese checkers is a tried and true game that most of know how to Chinese gamesplay or can easily learn. Even younger children (grade school age) can play.
  • Chinese puzzles are also fun for family game nights. You may want to make it a family game weekend, working on the puzzle together all weekend.

Incorporating Chinese games into family game night is a great way to celebrate your child’s heritage. Maybe even order Chinese food that night and make it a night celebrating their native culture. Creating happy memories can be as simple as playing a game .



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When shopping for kids’ gifts of any kind, we’re in search for something developmentally appropriate as well as fun and educational. This Chinese New Year, gifts are centered around the year of the dragon.  But the dragon hasn’t always been kid friendly, at least not in Western cultures. It’s quite the opposite in Chinese culture, where the dragon is been a something of a hero.

Dragons of the Western Culture
In Western cultures, dragons are portrayed as fire breathing monsters. Fairytale townspeople fear them. Handsome princes slay them. Dragons are villains—the bad guys little boys pretend to slay with their toy swords.  Dragons of the Western culture are scaly, ugly monsters drawn to appear fearsome.  The first dragon images made their appearance in the Middle Ages, but it wasn’t until the Medieval Times that dragons took on more sadistic roles in stories, which took place during the Middle Ages.  Now dragons ever made into evil monsters in video games.

Chinese Dragons
Dragons in Chinese culture are revered and loved. They are the givers of life. Their breath is “sheng chi” (divine energy). They represent luck, blessings, abundance, and all things good. Children look up to them and see them as divine heroes—divine sons of heaven. They have magical powers that stop evil and return the world to justice and happiness.Dragon Chinese New Year Giftsd

Choosing out of two, it’s no wonder dragons are celebrated. That is why children’s Chinese New Year gifts can be something representing a dragon of some sort. A dragon kite for instance is a fun, family friendly toy kids enjoy. The dragon is beautifully depicted with rich colors. On a warm, windy day, it’s an ideal outdoor toy. You would probably score some points with the kids with a dragon kite this Chinese New Year.

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