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Beautiful squeaky shoes: squeaky sandalsOne of the many things we worry about as parents is the safety of our children. This of course is heightened early as our little ones grow, especially once they become mobile. Their curious little minds are prime for learning and experiencing everything they possibly can.  It’s exciting to watch them learn and experience new things for the first time.

Besides baby proofing, there are way to help you keep your baby safe. Perhaps the most fun are squeaky shoes. Not sure if you’ve heard of them, but they are rather popular in China. Squeaky shoes are baby shoes with a squeaker in the soles. Every time baby takes a step, the shoes squeak. It’s really adorable. It makes learning to walk so much. Chances are, when your little one takes a step and hears the squeak, giggling and laughing are sure to follow. And then of course, you’ll smile and laugh yourself. We dare you to try not to.

What makes squeaky shoes so parent friendly is that if you are in another room for what ever reason, you can hear your toddler take steps and walk. It’s your cue to perhaps go check on them. Say for instance that you’re in the kitchen and junior is napping in the family room. When he’s done with his nap and moving around, you’ll hear the first few steps.

There are many varieties of squeaky shoes. They come in boy and girl designs. Girl squeaky sandals are so adorable. Of course they’re pink. Little boys get squeaky sandals are adorable too. They’re traditional brown in a similar style as the girl’s.  The shoes themselves for girls are pink with a flower. For boys, shoes are traditional navy and white, resembling adult shoes. And for your athlete, there are even squeaky sneakers.

Squeaky shoes make great gifts. If you’re shopping for a birthday present or even Christmas gifts, parents will appreciate hearing their little one walk.  And if the toddler is wearing them while taking his or her first steps—well that’s just extra special!

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