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Help savor the spirit of summer with a fun, new party challenge! We all know the best parties include great company, a great theme and of course lots of great food. We can help you with the theme and delicious recipes and we’re sure you’ve got the top notch company covered!

Chopstick Challenge

Are you ready for this theme? We challenge you to take on the the Chopstick Challenge. What does that mean? It means the only utensils allowed at this party are chopstick sets. Pretty awesome right?? Now you’re probably going to need some chopstick sets, maybe several depending on the size of your guest list. The idea is to serve food you can practice eating with chopsticks and have a little fun while doing so!

There are a lot of recipes that would work perfectly for a chopstick challenge so we’ve compiled a few to help you create your menu. To help celebrate the culture of China and the chopsticks traditionally used to eat Chinese cuisine, the main dishes are mostly Chinese in nature but you can make anything you think you could eat with chopsticks. Just keep your party guests and new users of chopsticks in mind when searching through recipes.

While we may think of chopsticks being used with Chinese cuisine, there are lots of American appetizers that would be perfect for a chopstick challenge. The ever popular little smokies, meatballs, spinach balls, mini crab cakes, or three cheese mini macs are sure to be a party hit. You may also want to try spinach and bri topped artichoke hearts too. Are we making you hungry yet? 🙂 As we’ve mentioned before, really any miniature food will work, just keep chopstick usability in mind as you determine what to put on your menu.
Fore more traditional Chinese cuisine, try these appetizers:
 Main Dishes

A variety of  main dishes will ensure your guests can get a lot of practice with their chopsticks. We’ve compiled this list of a few of our favorites to get you started, and would love to hear if you try anything else! We’ve chosen these recipes based on short prep time and affordability.

Oh the Veggies!You can’t forget the green, the leafy, and the good for you stuff. Green beans, fried or steamed veggies can be easily managed with chopsticks, even for those just beginning.
Chinese vegetable appetizers include:
Moo Shu Vegetables (pictured above)
– Gai Lan
Although sweets are not a big part of Chinese culture or cuisine, there are plenty that you can serve to your chopstick challenge party guests. Mini cheesecakes, tarts, cake bites, mini pies, or fruit are all perfect ideas. Essentially anything bite size works well for chopsticks. Cake or brownieswould work for easy to pick up bite sized bits. For tarts, think fruit tarts like lemon, raspberry, or blackberry. If you want to make mini pies, just make sure the crusts are sturdy enough to be picked up.

Party People
So there you have it, a Chinese chopstick themed party. To prepare for your party, consider getting Chinese chopstick sets. Party People would be great for a group new to chopsticks since they’re one piece as well as easily distinguishable for each person. Our Double Happiness chopsticks come with 10 sets of chopsticks making them ideal for a larger gathering or celebration. We would love to hear if you give it a try!

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Chinese Chopsticks

Chopstick sets have evolved from the twigs they once were.  They originated in China over 5,000 years ago. Chopsticks were part of survival. Early Chinese people would use twigs to retrieve food from fire pits. Eventually, these twigs made their way to the table.

Chinese scholar, Confucius helped make Chinese chopsticks more prevalent. As a vegetarian, he disapproved of having knives at the table. He said that it was cruel and reminded people of slaughter houses. His disdain for knives made eating with wood more popular.  The love and respect the Chinese people had for Confucius helped spread the use of chopstick sets.

By 500 A.D., chopsticks spread through the rest of Asia. The shape and materials were adopted to fit the needs of each culture. Chinese chopsticks are 9 to 10 inches long with blunt ends, usually made of wood. Japanese chopsticks have narrow tips and are made of bamboo and are a bit shorter (7-8 inches).

Now, chopsticks have gained popularity all over the world. They are used to help people control the amount of food eaten since chopsticks pick up smaller bits of food. It also helps people slow down during meals.  Chopsticks are also no longer just made of wood. AJ Panda has an inventory of plastic, metal, and wooden chopsticks. They are ornate and beautiful and available in a variety of colors and styles to match a home’s décor.

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Chopsticks on Sale

Boy Chopstick Kids are on sale now! These fun chopsticks are perfect for beginners to teach them how to eat with the tricky utensils. (They’re also good for parents who are having a little trouble!) Each pair comes with the silicone Kid that acts as a hinge to hold the chopsticks together and a pair of plastic chopsticks. The Kid also fits any other pair of chopsticks and is dishwasher safe. Get yours now for only $3.99 per pair while they last!

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Here at AJ Panda, we’re always on the lookout for the new products to help you incorporate Chinese culture into your life. These new Good Fortune Chopsticks from Fred just came in and we wanted to share them with you right away! The fortune cookie at the top holding the sticks together makes eating with chopsticks easy for anyone! They’re perfect to start little kids with chopsticks or adults who just need a little more practice. Get yours today and make meal time a little more fun!

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