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It was another great party in St Louis for the Chinese New Year. As in previous years, the FCC did a wonderful job organizing the venue (Maryland Heights Center), food and entertainment. It is an amazing experience to be around so many families sharing the same passions for Chinese culture. And best of all, it’s great to see all these beautiful children coming together to bond and connect. I know my daughters, for example, are impacted by the many peers who not only share their appearance, but also a similar history. When we leave the party, they always have a bit more spring in their steps.

This year the entertainment was a local acrobatic troupe based from the St. Louis City Museum, as well as puppet show put on by the Confucius Institute of St. Louis. The girls seemed to enjoy both performances, and especially the crafts that allowed them to get hands-on with celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Lastly, it was nice to walk around the silent auction and see the assortment of baskets. There were lots of interesting options and items to celebrate Chinese culture, and I even saw many of the items AJ Panda donated to the party. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t win any of the bids! Next year I suppose I’ll have to make bigger bids!

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5 Questions: Adoption of twins leads to new online business

STLtoday.com interviewed our owner, Christopher Deck, on his  experience with Chinese adoption and how it lead to the creation and launch of AJPanda.com. Chris speaks about how he and his wife got involved in international adoption, how they celebrate their twin daughters’ Chinese heritage, and the AJ Panda website. Read it here.

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A note from our founder

The start of AJ Panda can be traced back to November 2, 2006. That is the day I was handed a picture with the faces of two beautiful Chinese girls, who two months later would become my adopted twin daughters. While in China to complete the adoption process I was moved and inspired by the experience. People were beyond friendly and willing to forge bonds based on our common connections, and the history and tradition of my daughter’s birth country was awe-inspiring. I knew from that trip forward that our family would be committed to learning about China and celebrating its rich traditions and culture. Knowing I was not alone in this passion, AJ Panda was started to help both my family and others learn about and celebrate Chinese culture.

I am often asked about the meaning of our company name… AJ Panda. The initials, A and J, are a tribute to my daughters, AnMei and JiaLi. And since panda bears are a national symbol of China, Panda was chosen to honor China, who honored and blessed my family by allowing us to be the proud parents of two amazing daughters.

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AJ Panda is a site dedicated to helping families celebrate Chinese culture and traditions. It is our goal that anyone who is interested in Chinese history, customs, and culture, can come to AJPanda.com and find what they are looking for. We are primarily dedicated to families who have adopted from China and want to be a one-stop resource for adoption information, Chinese gifts, and information on China, especially holidays and festivals.

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