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Th National Geographic documentary, “China’s Lost Girls” is a few years old now, but it still explains the consequences of China’s one-child policy very well. Host, Lisa Ling, examines the policy which was implemented about two decades ago to curb China’s growing population. Sons are preferred in China due to social, economic, social and traditional factors. This results in an enormous amount of girls growing up in orphanages across the country.

Chinese adoptions to Americans were approved in 1991, and today more than one quarter of all children adopted from abroad by American families come from China. Virtually all of these children are girls.

Ling travels with some American families as they travel to China to meet their new daughters for the very first time. While capturing the emotional journey, she also documents China’s growing gender gap, its roots and the repercussions it might face in the near future. Ling also learns of the less obvious consequences of China’s population changes. It is predicted that in several decades, China will have tens of millions of young men at marrying age with no women to marry. What will become of an entire generation of bachelors? And what does the future hold for China’s girls?

If you enjoy the preview, you can view the documentary in its entirety at SnagFilms.com.

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